What Makes Us Special

we are not a typical ballroom studio

The May I Have This Dance Studio is like no other. Even within your first experience, you will notice how genuinely welcoming all the staff and students are, how unintimidating the environment is, and how we achieve the unique balance of professional-quality teaching and having a lot of fun!

Our group classes and events focus mainly on SOCIAL, not competitive dance. We realize that most people want to take lessons so they can enjoy dancing with a special someone, or meet others when going out dancing. Because of this, our lessons emphasize the social skills that are inherently part of this wonderful activity.

However, if you're interested in competitive dancing, we have select instructors competing on the national circuit that can work with you in private lessons to prepare for competitions and performances in West Coast Swing, Ballroom, Hustle, Salsa, and Country.

We also strive to keep our programs very affordable. Taking lessons from a typical ballroom studio can be very expensive, but not at May I Have This Dance. We welcome and treat everyone like a valued individual, no matter what your level of personal or monetary involvement. You can even participate in a MayI lesson and dance for as little as $10.

No partners are necessary and we encourage rotation and a social environment. Nevertheless, couples are also welcome and may choose not to rotate.

Enthusiasts of all ages—adults, children, and seniors are welcome to participate in our group classes, private lessons, workshops, dance parties, vacations, and performances. Even though our focus is partner dancing, we also have programs in the Performing Arts such as Tap, Jazz, Ballet, and Modern.

how it all began

May I Have This Dance was created by master dance instructor Nino DiGiulio, who continues to serve as Executive Director and Lead Instructor. In 1993, Nino hit the Chicagoland social dance community by storm with his inspiring dance ability and engaging and thorough teaching style. Within three years his popularity made him the most sought after social dance instructor throughout Chicagoland, as well as nationally. This allowed him to share his passion for social dancing, etiquette, and music with thousands of people at a time. In 1999, Nino welcomed other professional instructors and trainees to create a larger outreach with a unified vision and commitment to quality under the May I Have This Dance brand. With talent and integrity, this group had a huge impact on the local social dance scene, creating and offering innovative dance classes, private lessons, workshops, boot camps, and intensives. In 2002, May I Have This Dance opened its studio on the northwest side of Chicago, while continuing to teach at satellite locations downtown, south-side, southwest, and northwest suburbs. Currently, May I Have This Dance has a network of over 20 expert and professional dance instructors. The May I Have This Dance Instructor Certification program is among the most demanding, so be assured that our instructors are more than just great dancers, they are outstanding teachers!

our mission statement

Our mission is to enrich each individual’s life through the joys of social dancing.

May I Have This Dance ® believes that a Mission Statement should be an active and daily guiding principle to help serve customers, staff, and community with the highest purpose and integrity possible. May I Have This Dance was formed with the inspiration stated in its Mission and will always hold this as its touchstone.


In order to achieve our mission, May I Have This Dance ® has made a firm commitment to embody these core values in everything we do. They are:

1. Welcoming Environment

We strive to create an environment whereby everyone can feel a connection to the music, their partners, new friends, the community, and to the fulfilling and exciting world of social dancing. Each individual will have the best experience when learning, dancing, and socializing in a safe and welcoming environment. We foster this by hiring friendly, diverse, and patient staff members who are positive role models for all. Our students and patrons are encouraged to be patient with themselves and others, as well as tolerant of people’s different experiences, backgrounds, skill levels, and abilities. Because of our inclusive nature, unique team spirit, and emphasis on fun and social purpose of dance, we are accessible to everyone--from the complete beginner to the very advanced.

2. Quality Learning

May I Have This Dance ® puts an extremely high value on the quality of instruction. Learning is dependent on many factors, including excellent content, methodology, and delivery. By being active in the local, national, and international dance communities, we stay current with the latest trends, styles, and the industry’s best practices. Our teaching methodology is based on proven educational principles which accommodate multiple learning preferences. We deliver this instruction in several flexible forms, all with the students’ success and satisfaction in mind.

Our professionally-trained instructors have unique strengths and diverse personalities, yet they all share a dedication to the same high standards and practices. The May I Have This Dance ® staff members set an excellent example for students with their commitment to perpetual improvement, growth opportunities, and openness to change.

3. Genuine Passion

May I Have This Dance ® is very passionate about what we do, the product we deliver, and the positive way we touch each other’s lives. This genuine passion drives the success and growth of our community. Integrity is another key quality we look for in our staff members. Our management style builds on this passion and integrity to foster open, direct, and caring communication practices among our staff and students. We encourage our students to stay active by keeping our prices very clear and reasonable, as well as allowing them maximum flexibility in their level of involvement.

May I Have This Dance ® believes that we provide an experience where people can learn more than just dance steps, but life skills that can translate beyond the dance floor.

Want more information or help deciding where to start? Contact us today and we will personally help you start on the right foot!