Private Lessons

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  Private Lessons are a great way to accelerate your learning, master the details that make great dancers, and get the individual attention and immediate feedback from a professional instructor.  Instructors at May I Have This Dance charge different rates based on their experience and training.  Rest assured that all May I Have This Dance instructors are highly qualified professionals that meet our rigorous standards.  If you’re not sure whom to start with, call 773-635-3000 and one of our Studio Coordinators can help you connect with an instructor that’s a perfect match for you. Or, complete this online request form and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

One lesson is 55 minutes.  2018 rates are as follows:

(55 minutes)
5-pak 10-pak 15-pak
Instructor $65 $300 $575 $850
Senior Instructor $75 $350 $675 $1000
Master Instructor*
*Nino specifically has unique
program and fees, see left
$85 $400 $775 $1150







Private Lesson Cancellation/Refund/Credit Policy
Each Instructor maintains their own policies and procedures, please check with your Instructor for details. However, the minimum expectation and policy is as follows:

  1. Students should give at least 24 hours notice when cancelling a private lesson. Instructor must be contacted directly to cancel or leave a message on the studio messaging service if you are unable to reach them
  2. If a student cancels with at least 24 hours notice, they may not be charged a fee (varies, check with your individual instructor).
  3. If a student cancels with less than 24 hours notice, or is a no-show, they will be charged the full price of the private lesson.
  4. If the student cancels private lessons "chronically" (more than 2 times in a row, or 3 times in any 6 month period), then they will be required to pay in advance and provide at least 72 hours notice to avoid being charged for the private lesson.

Private Lesson Pre-paid Package Refunds Policy
Students may choose to pre-pay for a package of 5, 10, 15 or more private lessons to get a significant discount per lesson. However, we never pressure our students to purchase packages. Our individual private lesson rates are very reasonable and the best value in the industry. You may choose to just take, and pay for a private lesson, one-at-a-time.

Private lessons in a pre-paid discounted package are valid for one year from the purchase date.  After one year from purchase date, the discounted pricing expires and retains only the paid value, less the value of services redeemed.  If a student has purchased a discounted private lesson package, and doesn't complete all the lessons in the package, he/she can request a refund of the unused portion of the package. The refund amount will be determined by deducting from the outstanding total package price paid, the instructor's standard individual private lesson rate, times the amount of lessons used.  If at least 30 days have passed since purchase, a 10% (of the original price) administrative fee will also be deducted.

All value/lessons expire 5 years after date of purchase. All refunds/credits are final.

Private Lessons
& Coaching With Nino:

Nino also teaches private lessons. However, his schedule is pretty full and availability is limited.  In order for Nino to be available for more students, one session with Nino is 30 minutes (whereas it is 55 minutes with the other MayIHaveThisDance Instructors).  Nino's schedule is booked sometimes several months in advance, and there is no guarantee that Nino will be able to take on a new student as a regular client. Nevertheless, Nino will do his best to provide ONE initial session with you if you specifically request him and can coordinate schedules.  At the end of this session Nino will recommend the May I Have This Dance Instructor that he feels will best help you achieve your goals.

Rates exclusively for private lessons with Nino are:
$50 per session
$450 10-pk
$850 20-pk
$1200 30-pk

Another available program to help meet the demand for coaching sessions with Nino is the Master Critique Program.  Any student who signs up for at least a 5-pack with any May I Have This Dance instructor can get Nino for a 30-minute coaching session with the student and instructor for only $25.  These coaching/critique sessions are part of the regular lessons purchased with the other instructor, so Nino and the other instructor will both work with the student during the coaching/critique time. This does not add time to the package with the other instructor.