Group Class Expectations


SHOES: We recommend soles that allow you to slide safely across the dance floor, such as leather, smooth plastic, or suede. Rubber-soled shoes, open-back shoes, and clunky shoes are not recommended. If you are interested in purchasing dance shoes, e-mail us and we will send you links to popular vendors.

CLOTHING: Although we don't have a strict dress policy, here are some guidelines. Weekday classes are usually nicer casual to club attire, although jeans are fine. Weekend day attire is usually more casual as in nice jeans or nice workout pants and top. Weekend evenings and special events are usually cocktail/club attire, and semi-formal for Strictly Ballroom Dance Parties. Please be considerate of others when selecting your attire. Sleeved-shirts are highly recommended. If you tend to sweat a lot, bring a small towel and a change of shirt. Please note that t-shirts and sneakers are NOT allowed at the Willowbrook Ballroom or at our Strictly Ballroom Dance Parties.


ATTITUDE: Please bring your smile and enthusiasm to help make each other's experiences the most positive possible. We truly believe that participating in our events and lessons is not only a great way to learn how to dance--but also a fun and safe way to meet other wonderful people, get exercise, gain confidence, and contribute to a healthy lifestyle. We highly recommend you read our article on Social Dance Etiquette. When rotating, please be conscientious of others. Refrain from criticizing or acting inappropriately. If this does occur, please notify the instructor. Please let us know if you ever have any suggestions on how we can make your experience better.

TAKE NOTES: We recommend that you bring a notebook and pen to keep notes on all that you learn and should practice.

VIDEO & PHOTOGRAPHY: Cameras and video camcorders are not allowed in class. However, after class, you can videotape each other for class material. In the future, instructional videos and video notebooks will be available. Check with your private lesson instructor about videotaping private lessons. Any photos or video footage taken at any official May I Have This Dance function remains the property of May I Have This Dance and cannot be distributed physically, via the internet, or any other means without the expressed written consent of the May I Have This Dance management.

What to expect...

NO PARTNER IS NECESSARY! Please rotate partners in class; this will help you develop skills more quickly. Nevertheless, you may stay with one partner if you choose. PLEASE REGISTER IN ADVANCE and early in order TO GET INTO THE CLASS OF YOUR CHOICE. Classes sell out, and we may cap registration to maintain a balance between leads & follows--we don't want you to miss your chance!

IF YOU ARE NEW TO DANCING or need to focus on your fundamentals, basic classes are the best way to go. Classes designated with a roman numeral I, or with "Basics" or "Intro" in the title are where you want to start. All other classes have pre-requisites that you must meet before enrolling. Another good way to get started is with a private lesson. A May I Have This Dance instructor can help you decide which classes and levels are the best fit for you.

Group Classes come in THREE FORMATS:

SERIES: This most common type of class is progressive, usually over 4 weeks, in which each week builds off the previous week's material. Students should be able to commit to each class meeting. Each meeting is typically 55 minutes and starts with a quick review of the previous week's material. New material is then introduced and builds off what has been learned. The class size can vary from 6 - 50, but most classes usually have about 20 participants.

WORKSHOPS: These are usually stand-alone sessions typically done in a single or multi-hour block, or sometimes split over two days

SPECIAL PROGRAMS: These can be in progressive, one-shot, or weekend-long classes and can include intensives, champion classes, boot camps, retreats, seminars, and any other class that doesn't fit into the Series or Workshops designation. Special programs will have separate pricing and registration policies.

You can learn any dance, either lead or follow! Here's how:

PRIVATE LESSONS with our professional instructors.

ENROLL IN A GROUP CLASS. In most beginner-level public classes, rotating students learn the traditional role of male leads and female follows. However, we welcome students to learn the non-traditional role too. "Role-reversal" classes are occasionally offered. However, you don't have to wait for a Role-Reversal class. Contact us about registering for a class as a role-reversal.

Although we highly encourage rotating in most of our group classes, anyone can choose to step out of the rotation at any time. You are always welcome to bring and stay with your own partner and not participate in the rotation.

With instructor approval, on a case-by-case basis, advanced dancers may occasionally play either role in the rotation to help with class balance, instructor training, or advanced dancer development. If you have any special circumstances or need some guidance, please contact us in advance and we will work with you to make sure you're happy. We believe everyone should have a safe, welcoming, and wonderful learning and dancing experience!