Dance Vacations

Love to combine DANCE & TRAVEL? 
Join your favorite May I Have This Dance instructors and dancers on these incredible trips! Check back often, as we will be adding more dance trips and vacations.

Catskill Mountains Dance Weekend
November 15-19, 2017

Dirty Dancing the movie portrayed a vacation in the Catskills.  Now you can live it during an extended weekend at a resort in upstate NY.  You won't have to carry the watermelon, and we won't put Baby in the corner, but there may be some intense late-night dancing.  May I Have This Dance organizes a group to attend this annual event where over 500 dancers completely take over a full-service resort to dance all day and all night.  Nino, Amanda, Scott and Nicole are featured instructors at this event too.  Contact us to receive more info. Most MayI guests are arriving Thursday to take full advantage of Thursday's Happy Hour, Dinner, Evening Workshops, Friday monring Breakfast, and Workshops. 

Your bargain fee includes:

  • Over 50 dance workshops to choose from, beginner to advanced in practically all genres of social dance.
  • All gourmet meals--breakfast, lunch & dinner.
  • Lodging
  • Entertainment
  • Cocktail social hours
  • Social dancing during meals
  • Social dancing all day and all night, into the wee hours.
  • Four dance parties each evening, bounce back and forth!  1)  Salsa/Latin  2) Hustle/West Coast Swing  3) Ballroom mix   4) Argentine Tango
  • Live Band Semi-Formal Parties
  • All social dancing, only one just-for-fun contest, no competitive cliques that are common at other dance events.
  • Resort facilities including pool, fitness center, spa, golf, horseback riding, and more (some at additional cost).

This is an incredible deal with typical fees (not including airfare and optional MayI VIP package) between $450 - $900, depending upon the accomodations you choose.  For more info and to reserve your spot contact us.  This is a must-do trip for anyone who loves social dancing!  You'll have the time of your life!

The most current information and updates will be posted on Facebook:  See our Facebook Page -Click Here.

West Coast Swing, Hustle, Salsa, & Ballroom Conventions

Many May I Have This Dance instructors are featured staff members at various regional, national, and international, West Coast Swing events, Hustle Championships, Salsa Congresses, and Ballroom events.  Instructors typically bring students to these events to compete, perform, or just to enjoy, take workshops, and dance.  Talk to your Instructor to get in the loop on what's happening!