Instructor/Studio Training

There is a science and art to being a great teacher. We can help you become a great dance teacher

We often hear how wonderful the teachers are at May I Have This Dance. Our instructors have a very unique way of teaching dance that makes learning easy & fun even for the most challenged students, as well as drive the most talented dancers to understand and perform better. Students consistently say that MayI instructors are the most knowledgeable, clear, and effective dance instructors. We are also known as being very effective at teaching connection, musicality, and the skills needed to be successful dancing "in the wild."

There is a reason! May I Have This Dance founder and master instructor, Nino DiGiulio, provides comprehensive and thorough instructor training, emphasizing being a great teacher more than just being a great dancer. Nino's educational degrees and professional experience in psychology, instructional design, and education are the perfect compliment to his professional dance experience. With Nino's leadership, MayI has produced many of the best social dance instructors teaching today!

Become certified in the May I Have This Dance curriculum as well as the art & science of teaching. We can also help studio owners, managers, and dance business professionals structure, grow, and improve their business. In addition to our local programs, we travel all over the world to provide on-site training programs, one-on-one training, evaluation, and certification. For those on a very tight budget or just wanting some quick coaching and tips we provide virtual training and coaching programs, including video submission and review.

If you're interested in incorporating the extraordinary May I Have This Dance curriculum and methodology in your teaching, or if you would like our help becoming the best dance teacher you can be, then contact us today!