Dance Descriptions

Main DancesExtra Curricular
Argentine Tango
More intimate, compact, and improvisational than ballroom-style Tango, this version is more closely related to its Argentinian roots. Argentine... more
Balboa is a type of swing dance, popular with Lindy Hop dancers. It’s more compact than other styles of swing, with the partners in body contact... more
Popular at Salsa and Latin Nightclubs, Bachata is distinctive for its side to side basic movement and its sharp hip motion on every fourth count... more
Blues Dance
Blues dance is an intimate style of dance primarily done to slow blues music. Connection, pulse, and improvisation are emphasiezed more than... more
Cha Cha
This versatile dance is perfect for many contemporary pop tunes, some classic rock ‘n roll, and various Latin rhythms. Along with Salsa, Merengue,... more
An elegant dance done to slow romantic music, Bolero incorporates steps, patterns, and rhythm of Latin dances with the styling of smooth ballroom. more
Country Two Step
Traveling around the dance floor at a moderate to fast pace, Country Two-Step is full of fun turns, wraps, and weaves. Of course you will find... more
Bossa Nova
A fun fad partner dance, the Bossa Nova looks like a cross between a slow Samba, Rumba, and casual Foxtrot. It was done specifically to music... more
East Coast Swing
Sometimes referred to as Jitterbug or simply as Swing, this is the easiest of the swing dances to learn. It’s also one of the most commonly... more
Carolina Shag
A style of swing that emphasizes fancy footwork and twisty legs while the upper body and hips stay relatively still, Carolina Shag initially... more
"Trot," as it is affectionately called, is one of the most common American dances of the 20th century and still very useful for contemporary... more
Charleston is a type of swing that is closely tied to Lindy Hop. Its main characteristic is a forward and back movement of the feet with kicks... more
Hustle is a very exciting and energetic dance with the flexibility to look elegant and graceful, sultry and intimate, or funky and fun. It shares... more
Chicago Steppin’
A smooth style of swing with lots of groove, Steppin’ comes from the south-side of Chicago but has grown in poularity throughout the US in... more
Nightclub 2-Step
An easy and elegant dance for contemporary slow ballads, Nightclub Two-Step is quickly becoming one of the more popular social dances. There... more
Cumbia is a Latin dance done at Salsa clubs and venues where the music has Mexican and Columbian influences. Along with Salsa, Bachata, Merengue,... more
A slower and romantic cousin to Salsa, this Latin dance is perfect for contemporary and classic pop ballads, as well as Latin love songs. Because... more
FreeForm / Fusion
Instead of strict patterns, Freeform is a mashup of many different social dance movements, patterns, and techniques that experienced dancers... more
Salsa is one of the most popular social dances in the world. It is primarily danced to Latin music with Afro-Cuban rhythms. Salsa dancing has... more
Brazilian in origin, this dance hit worldwide popularity in the 1980’s and early 90’s. It’s a sexy dance where partners dance in contact... more
Inspired by the popular street-dance in Brazil, this partner dance is done to the syncopated South American rhythms of Samba music, as well as... more
Lindy Hop
Energetic, fun, aerobic, and cheery, the Lindy Hop is one of the original versions of swing that is still popular today. If you’ve seen footage... more
Tango is a dramatic dance with styling options that can be sharp and aggressive or smooth and romantic. May I Have This Dance offers different... more
A sibling to Salsa, Mambo can be danced to the same music and has similar step patterns. Traditional Mambo was popular in the 1940’s and 50’s... more
Waltz is as relevant and useful today as it has been for over a century. It’s perfect for classics, as well as many of today’s pop, country,... more
One of the easiest to learn, this Latin dance gets fancy very quickly. Even if you have no dance experience, you’ll be amazed at the intricate... more
West Coast Swing
West Coast Swing is a contemporary-style of Swing, very different than what most people initially think of as “swing.” It is by far, the... more
Paso Doble
A cousin of Flamenco, this Ballroom dance is most often seen on the competitive or showdance floor. However, it makes a fun and dramatic social... more
Roll out the barrel and get moving in this high energy dance that travels around the floor. It’s fun kitsch to grab your partner and dance... more
A progressive dance that travels fast around the floor, the Quickstep is for Ballroom die-hards. Quickstep and Foxtrot share some patterns,... more
Slow Dance
Cheek to cheek, close embrace, dance with that special someone. When the music just doesn’t fit any ballroom dance, or when you want to just... more
Triple/Double 2-Step
Double Two Step travels around the floor like Country Two Step and used triple-step rhythms like East Coast Swing. Mostly danced to Country... more
Viennese Waltz
This faster-moving dance is what you see in films depicting the Victorian Era—typically with couples spinning constantly around the dance floor... more
A dance from Brazil, it has become hot in Latin dance circles around the world. It’s very attention-getting with its dramatic, curvy, wave-like... more