Summerdance in Chicago! Most Versatile Dancer Contest

May I Have This Dance presents...

The Most Versatile Dance Contest (tm)
Saturday, August 26
4pm to 6pm
Millenium Park, Cloud Gate Stage ("the Bean")
Show off your moves in all the dances & you could win great prizes & be crowned Chicago's Most Versatile Dancer 2017!

This contest is open to any & all Amateur Couples. You must enter with a partner. Both partners must be over the age of 18 & be considered amateurs. No professionals allowed. Amateurs must NOT have taught dance for any financial compensation at any time within the past 5 years, and must NOT have earned $1000 or more competing or performing dance in any given year within the past 5 years. Couples can be opposite or same gender, however one person must do the leading for the entire contest, and the other following, no switching of Lead/Follow role mid contest.

Couples must prove that they know the most dance styles by dancing whatever the MC announces to 20 to 30 seconds song clips. To stay alive they should be able to dance at least 3 basic steps, the correct timing, and clear character of each dance. When a couple is caught not knowing a dance adequately, a judge taps them on the shoulder. Contestants will be given a preset amount of "staying alive" cards. Winners are the couple(s) that are the last to be tapped out completely and/or have the most cards left.

Dances will focus on social partner dances (i.e. Ballroom, Latin, Swing, Country, Tango, Club, etc), but some solo social dances may be included in the later rounds.

Judges will include professional dancers & instructors from May I Have This Dance as well as other schools & independents. Judges decisions are final. Please respect the judges difficult jobs, professional expertise, & committment to fairness. Remember it's a fun dance contest & day to celebrate. Any disputing or protesting the judges decisions will result in immediate disqualification & possible removal from the premises.

Contestants must arrive by 3:45pm to check in at the registration table near the MILLENIUM PARK CLOUD GATE (aka "The Bean") STAGE.
Each contestant will be given their number to wear & staying alive cards, & they must sign waivers. Both dancers must be present at the same time to register.

The contest will begin anytime between 4pm & 6pm, so be ready to dance! The contest can take anywhere between 20 & 45 minutes depending on how many couples & how long they last. Bring water & dress appropriately, this contest can be exhausting!

Prizes will include Trophies, $$$, Scholarships & passes to May I Have This Dance, & huge bragging rights!
1st Place Couple: $150 Cash and $500+ worth of group lesson and event scholarship to May I Have This Dance.
2nd Place Couple: $100 Cash and $300+ worth of group lesson and event scholarship to May I Have This Dance.
3rd Place Couple: $200 worth of group lesson and even scholarship to May I Have This Dance.

Prepare for the Most Versatile Dance Contest by attending many or all the Summerdance classes!